European Culture and Economy Platform

The European Culture and Economy Platform (ECEP) is a long term project of the "A Soul for Europe" initiative and its partners in the culture and economic sectors. It is a European-wide platform of individuals from the culture and economic sectors which functions as a think-tank to develop common strategies, actions and policy proposals and concrete recommendations to ensure the sustainable development of Europe, its regions, its cities and communities in a global contest. It is a unique civil society project that is based on the "European agenda for culture in a globalizing world" COM (2007) 242 final and represents its concrete and far reaching implementation of the claim: culture must become a component of any European policy and of Europe’s relations with the world.


The need to build such a platform was formulated during the "A Soul for Europe" Berlin Conference in 2008, on the basis of which it was planned to create this platform in several stages by a series of meetings in Istanbul, Berlin, Venice, Brussels and beyond.


The first action was taken with the Istanbul Forum - "A Soul for Europe": "Global Challenges, Cultural Visions" in October 2010. As one of the main results of the Istanbul Forum, a consensus among all participants has been reached on the necessity to come to a common vision among all actors in society to coherently address global challenges. A comprehensive book was published on the Forum outcomes, as basis for the further steps of creating the platform (more info at:


The next step was the Berlin Conference: Towards a Citizens’ Europe in November 2010. On this occasion Mr. Arend Oetker, Vice President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), expressed the need for a continuous and structured dialogue in order to find a common language between business and culture actors. The Venice Meeting: "Culture, Economy and Social Responsibility", 3 June 2011, Thetis, Arsenale, Venice, Italy and a panel during  Forum Wroclaw, 10 September 2011 which took place within the framework of the European Culture Congress (8-11 September 2011), initiated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as part of the cultural programme of the Polish EU Council Presidency. All these steps have strengthened the dialogue among the actors, and proceed with the implementation of the project. A panel on the topic was also held during Forum Belgrade on 26 November 2011.


Contact: "A Soul for Europe" Strategy Group members Mahir Namur and Ruggero Lala