UPDATE: Towards European Resolution on Culture: For Values, Democracy and Citizenship

Published on 9th April 2014 by A Soul for Europe

“A Soul for Europe” invites citizens to work together with their elected representatives in its programme A Cultural Coalition for a Citizens’ Europe to raise awareness of Europe as a cultural project. “A Soul for Europe” invites you to join us in a collaborative work process towards a European Resolution on Culture: Supporting Culture as an Instrument for Values, Democracy, and Citizenship.

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Berlin Conference 2014 - Documentation

Published on 21st March 2014 by A Soul for Europe

Berlin Conference "A Soul for Europe" on 3 March 2014

Full video documentation by ALEX TV

Interviews with José Manuel Barroso, Rebecca Harms, Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz and Wim Wenders

Media coverage

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Vote for Europe

Published on 18th March 2014 by A Soul for Europe

As the EU prepares for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, papers such as “Die Zeit” and “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” have published the appeal “Vote for Europe”, signed by 50 European personalities and supported by the Allianz Kulturstiftung. May 2014 is the decisive moment to succeed in overcoming the “benign despotism” (Jaques Delors) in Europe.

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Politicians and Civil Society Form a Cultural Coalition

Published on 3rd March 2014 by A Soul for Europe

“Europe is more than a market. It is not complete without its cultural dimension”, said José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, kicking off the Berlin Conference “A Soul for Europe” 2014 today in Berlin. He emphasised that “Culture is existential while politics are instrumental”.


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Work and Collaboration on the Ground - Social Innovation and Creativity in Romania

Published on 22nd January 2014 by Andreas Bock and Rarita Zbranca

Protest movements against the gold mining project in the Romanian village of Rosia Montana have mobilized tens of thousands of Romanians over the last few months. One of the main players of the grassroots movement was the NGO Alburnus Maior which triggered the ‘Save Rosia Montana Campaign‘, which connects the local opposition in Rosia Montana and activists from all over Romania fighting against plans for Europe’s biggest open-cast gold mine.

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ECoC Position Paper No 1

Published on 12th July 2013 by A Soul for Europe

“A Soul for Europe” (ASfE) strongly welcomes the legislative proposal 2012/0199(COD) – 20/07/2012 to establish a “Union action for the European Capitals of Culture for the years 2020 to 2033” by the European Commission (EC).

“A Soul for Europe” (ASfE) congratulates the European Commission for the content of the proposal and is pleased to see that many of the ASfE proposals provided over the last two years of dialogue with institutions and civil society have been included in the legislative proposal.

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Cultural Coalition for a Citizens' Europe

The Berlin Conference 2012 was the first of a series of three "A Soul for Europe" events dedicated to a Europe from the bottom-up under the title of "Cultural Coalition for a Citizens' Europe".  It was followed by the Brussels Conversations 2012 by the partners of the European House for Culture on 16-18 November, and will be followed by the Felix Meritis Foundation’s Amsterdam Conversation 2012 on 30 November.

Together they form "A Soul for Europe's" kick-off to the European Year of Citizens 2013!

CoR recommends higher involvement of civil society in ECoC

Currently the European Commission is working on a new framework for the European Capitals of Culture programme after 2019. The Committee of the Regions has prepared a draft opinion for the improvement of the programme. In this draft the importance of the involvement of civil society actors in the ECoC programme and activities is emphasised.